Corrupt Democrat Facing Possibly Facing DECADES in Prison Begs for Mercy

Democrat Corrine Brown used a charity as her personal slush fund and is trying to use every trick in the book to prevent going behind bars.

Brown served as a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Florida‘s 5th district between 1992-2013.

Per Wikipedia, she was convicted on 18 of 22 corruption charges ranging from mail fraud to filing a false federal tax return May 11, 2017.

As reported in RollCall

Hoping to avoid prison, former Florida Rep. Corrine Brown asked for mercy during her sentencing hearing Thursday.

Brown also asked that U.S. District Judge Timothy Corrigan consider her years of public service, the Florida Times-Union reported.

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“I am 71 years old. I just had a birthday,” she said. “I humbly ask for your mercy and compassion.”

Brown was found guilty of conspiracy involving a bogus charity used as a personal slush fund, concealing income on financial filings and filing false tax returns in May.

The disgraced former Democratic congresswoman previously tried delaying her sentencing hearing, citing health reasons and being displaced because of Hurricane Irma.