Cops embrace Jared Kushner, awarded for ‘national service’ and justice reform

As reported by WashingtonExaminer

President Trump’s son-in-law and top aide Jared Kushner on Friday is receiving special recognition from a national police group for his efforts on criminal justice reform, immigration, and “national service,” especially to law enforcement.

Kushner, Trump’s point-person on several key policies and the 2020 reelection, is in New York to receive the Federal Law Enforcement Foundation’s “National Service Award.”

The philanthropic group is in its 29th year and provides financial assistance to all types of law enforcement, and especially to the families of officers killed in action, and in the past has presented its Service Award to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former President Bill Clinton.

Kushner has won the support of police for his efforts on the First Step Act, the criminal justice reform that seeks to reduce recidivism. He is also winning kudos for working on immigration reform and pushing for funding of the border wall.

And it’s likely that the award is also a tip of the cap to Trump’s pro-police agenda, highlighted this week when the president was in Chicago to speak to the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference.

There, he said, “You don’t hear it enough: You do an incredible job. The people in this country know it, and the people of this country love you. You don’t hear that from these people back here, but they love you. You don’t hear it from the fake news. The fake news doesn’t like talking about that, but they love you. Every day of my presidency, I will be your greatest and most loyal champion.”

Kushner will be feted at lunch at the Hilton Hotel and is expected to speak for about 20 minutes.

Included in the expected audience of 2,000 will be Keith Corlett, superintendent of New York State Police, William Sweeny, special agent in charge of the FBI, NYC, U.S. Federal Marshal Michael Garcia, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Rep. Peter King, Nick Zito, trainer of the Kentucky Derby, and the District Attorneys for all five New York boroughs.