Chuck Schumer’s Critique of the Trump-Kim Summit is Outright Ridiculous

While the vast majority of Americans approve of President Trump’s meeting of Kim Jong un and are sleeping better knowing the threat of nuclear war has been largely diminished, Democrat leadership continues to desperately use any spin possible to use the historic summit as a means to attack.

As reported by the DailyCaller

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer took to the Senate floor Tuesday to criticize President Donald Trump’s diplomatic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

“It is worrisome, very worrisome, that this joint statement is so imprecise,” Schumer said. “What the United States has gained is vague and unverifiable, at best. What North Korea has gained is tangible and lasting.”

Schumer added that by meeting with Kim, Trump “has granted a brutal and repressive dictatorship the international legitimacy it has long craved.”

The New York senator said “for the United States, it’s permanent proof that we have legitimized a brutal dictator who has starved his own people.”

Trump and Kim met Monday in Singapore to discuss diplomatic relations in light hostilities that include North Korea’s nuclear program and U.S. sanctions on the country.