Chinese Residents Call Trump “More Honest Than Obama”

The residents of Beijing, China had an interesting  mix of praise and criticism for President Trump.

While the reserved culture was not used to his sometimes bombastic personality, they also found him to be “spirited and energetic” and admired him for taking up new challenges.

One quote that really stood out in interviews from the South China Morning Post was that President Trump is “more honest than Obama.”

As reported by Breitbart 

Beijing residents told the independently run South China Morning Post in a Wednesday feature that they found U.S. President Donald Trump “more honest than Obama” but “disrespectful.”

Trump is currently in Beijing on his visit to China as president, and the first visit of a foreign head of state to China since October’s Communist Party Congress, in which President Xi Jinping greatly consolidated his power over the country.

As China is a communist dictatorship, there is no guarantee that the opinions issued to the South China Morning Post are earnest. They echo the nation’s government-run media significantly.

“He’s an interesting person, more honest than Obama,” said Fei Danyang, a 42-year-old financial analyst, according to the newspaper. “He is no politician and has big ego … so his honesty is, in a disrespectful way, a bit self-righteous and ignorant of other people’s feelings.”

Fei joked that watching tensions between Democrats and the Trump administration was fun, saying, “It’s like we [in China] are just like watching a fire from across a river. The chaos is theirs. The more dramatic it gets, the more fun it is to watch.”

The Chinese government has repeatedly used its state media to claim that the West is in a state of “chaos,” as opposed to the “stability” of their communist tyranny.

64-year-old Li Dongsheng, a retired teacher at a military academy, told the newspaper that she liked Trump’s style.

“As a 71-year-old man, he is spirited and energetic. He pushes beyond his own boundaries and he takes up new challenges. I admire him for that.” Li is quoted as saying. “He has an outgoing personality and hates losing … I think his mental age is quite young.”