Calls for Trump’s Wall Grow Louder as Ambushed Border Patrol Agent is Put to Rest

Today, family and friends of Rogelio Martinez, the 36-year-old Border Patrol agent who was murdered by a group of illegals, gathered today to mourn his loss and bury him.


During the attack, both Martinez and his partner, who was severely wounded, were bashed in the head with rocks, and since neither officer fired a shot, law enforcement officials and police unions believe the attack was an ambush.

Officer Martinez gave his life for his country, and it was a needless sacrifice, one which could have been prevented by better border security, including President Trump’s planned and promised border wall.

As so many have pointed out, the country is in desperate need of a functional border wall, and better security, especially after eight years of Barack Obama’s “open borders” attitude toward illegal immigration.

The loss of officer Martinez is an absolute tragedy that should have happened in the first place.

Thankfully, our “America First” president is making leaps and bounds towards halting the flow of illegals into our country, as well as deporting criminal illegals who are already here.