Calls for Mueller’s Resignation Grow Louder as More Conflicts Emerge

Robert Mueller, former FBI Director and “Special Counsel” appointed to lead the investigation into alleged “Russian collusion” during the 2016 election, has spent much of the last year trying, in a not-so-veiled attempt, to bring down President Trump.

The investigation has been a witch-hunt from the start, and has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars, as well as valuable time.

Shocking information is now surfacing, which shows that Mueller’s team was far more biased than anyone could have ever imagined, and examples of anti-Trump sentiment from the investigation team, including the DOJ and the FBI, continue to emerge.

With the recent revelation that Peter Strozk, an FBI agent on Mueller’s team, shared anti-Trump text messages with Lisa Page, a lawyer and fellow member of the investigation team, with whom Strozk was having an affair, the country is outraged.

These stunning new developments have lead to further discoveries, all of which highlight the abysmal state of the DOJ and the FBI, which have lost credibility under the likes of Obama and James Comey.

Calls from Republicans, who are demanding an end to this wasteful and biased investigation, are growing louder.