BREAKING: Congress Votes to Avoid a Government Shutdown

Much to the disappointment of Democrats who hoped to shut down the government sheerly on the basis of being sore over their tax bill loss, Congress has come together to pass a temporary bill which will avoid government shutdown.

As reported by Reuters

The U.S. Congress on Thursday averted a government shutdown just one day before federal funding was due to expire, sending President Donald Trump a bill to provide just enough money to keep agencies operating through Jan. 19.

With lawmakers eager to begin a holiday recess until Jan. 3, the House of Representatives and Senate scurried to pass the hastily written bill by votes of 231-188 and 66-32, respectively.

When Congress returns, lawmakers will immediately have to get back to work on appropriating more money for a fiscal year that already will be three months old. They will try to pass an “omnibus” spending bill to fund the government from Jan. 19 through Sept. 30.

The spending bill passed the Senate early in the day Thursday and was passed by the House later in the day.

The threat of a government shutdown had loomed over Congress as Democrats continued to obstruct President Trump’s every move, further proving their willingness to harm the American people in order to undermine our president.