Army Clarifies That They Will NOT Allow the Mentally Ill to Enlist

As Tucker Carlson pointed out on his show tonight, the Army’s decision to “rescind” the decision to allow mentally ill soldiers to enlist was extremely fast.

Army Chief of Staff, General Mark Milley, said that the original incorrect report was “unauthorized,” and said that whoever wrote it certainly didn’t have the authority to change Army policy.

“There wasn’t a change in policy,” said the General, “There cannot be a change in policy by someone who doesn’t have the authority to change policy. I know it sounds circular.”

“There’s a whole series of prohibitions from coming into the military,” said General Milley, “We haven’t changed any of those.”

Especially coming so soon after the mentally deranged mass murderer in Texas, who spent time in a military prison for brutally assaulting his family, was proven to have been allowed to “slip through the cracks” by the Air Force, the military must be extra vigilant in who’s allowed to enlist.

Tucker makes a great point, when he says that in many cases, many of the individuals who were allegedly being allowed to enlist would not even be able to purchase a gun as private citizens, and shouldn’t be trusted with military-grade firepower.

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