Armed Teacher Kasey Hansen “Why Not Let Me Fight Back?”

In the wake of last week’s tragic school shooting in Florida, many teachers are demanding answers as to why they, who are vetted and trusted to teach and shepherd our children every day at school, are not allowed to fight back against murderous killers.

Too many times, hate-filled murderers have targeted schools for their killing sprees because of the simple fact that they know in a “gun free zone” there will be no armed opposition, and can maximize the damage inflicted.

Now, teachers across America are speaking out, and they’re pointing out that existing “gun-free” policies at schools are doing nothing but preventing the good guys from being able to protect our children.

Kasey Hansen, a teacher from Utah and a licensed concealed-carry gun owner, joined Fox News for an interview, in which she gave a powerful speech, saying “Yes, I will take a bullet for my children, but why not give me the chance to also fight back in the process?”

Hansen is not alone, and indeed, President Trump himself echoed these same sentiments earlier, and discussed the idea on social media, pointing out that “Highly trained, gun-adept teachers and coaches would solve the problem instantly.”

President Trump also pointed out that potential school shooters would “NEVER attack” a school that had armed teachers and staff, stressing the need to “Be offensive,” and stating that “defense alone won’t work!”