Antifa Protesters Harass Trump Supporters in the Nation’s Capital, Shout ‘F*ck the Cops’

As reported by Breitbart

Antifa protesters harassed Trump supporters Saturday in the nation’s capital, showing up to counter-protest a planned “Demand Free Speech” rally in D.C’.s Freedom Plaza.

The “Demand Free Speech” rally – aimed at bringing attention to the censorship efforts of Silicon Valley – featured many notable figures, with appearances by Gavin McInnes, Lara Loomer, and Milo Yiannopoulos. Antifa showed up to protest the event, dubbing its counter-protest “All Out D.C.” According to reports, the Antifa counter-protesters vastly outnumbered the “Demand Free Speech” rally attendees, which included members of the “Proud Boys.”

Police were prepared for a potential clash between the two groups and largely kept the peace. However, there were a few clashes. One video shows a purported Antifa protester badgering a man in a MAGA hat and trying to snatch his camera: