Angel Mom Asks “Which Child of Yours Would you Choose to Lose” for DACA?

President Trump’s State of the Union address last night demonstrated his continued commitment to protect America’s borders at all costs and build a wall.

One of the most memorable lines of the night was when President Trump proudly proclaimed “Americans are dreamers too.”

One “Angel Mom” whose child was tragically killed by an illegal, Mary Ann Mendoza, is fighting back against the leftist agenda to put illegals above Americans and is letting her opinion be heard.

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Mendoza joined Fox News for an interview, where she slammed politicians who champion illegal immigration, saying, “I want to be able to say to all of these politicians: they have to stop importing, protecting, and providing for illegal dreamers.”

The pain Mrs. Mendoza has suffered due to illegal aliens is unimaginable, and in a powerful question, she asked any politician who would argue on behalf of their benefit, “Which child of yours would you choose to lose to support your DREAMer agenda?”

Mrs. Mendoza’s sentiments are aligned with the majority of the country, who have grown outraged after watching illegal aliens abuse the system, hurt and kill American citizens, and spread crime and drugs throughout our communities.

“It is not right for our politicians or the liberal media to lie to the America people about what these DACA people are about – they do commit crimes,” said Mendoza, who added, “They don’t graduate from high school, they’re not all contributing members of society.”