Alarming Study Shows Nearly Half of U.S. Millennials Support Socialism

As we near the benchmark of President Trump’s first year in office, the United States has had tremendous economic success with the stock market at record highs and unemployment at record lows.

We certainly do still have a ways to go before we can take our country back from the culture of the radical left.

After eight excruciating years of Obama’s presidency, coupled with rhetoric from radical progressives like Bernie Sanders, a large portion of the American youth has been indoctrinated to embrace socialism.

Obama’s radical rhetoric, helped to create a sense of entitlement and resentment towards capitalism among the millennial generation.

This unhealthy mindset has further been nurtured by the mainstream media, Hollywood, and college campuses across the country.

Now, a new and alarming study shows that nearly half of millennials in the United States believe that Socialism is a good idea, and would benefit America.