Alan Dershowitz Explains Why Mueller’s Biased Probe is Tainted

From the very beginning of the clearly biased witch hunt against President Trump, headed up by “Special Counsel” Robert Mueller, Trump supporters have known it was a farce.

Mueller’s ties to disgraced former FBI Director James Comey should have been enough to prove that the investigation was tainted from the start, but as it dragged on for the past year, appalling examples of “Deep State” treason have surfaced.

The investigation team put together by Mueller has been exposed as extremely biased against President Trump, with a number of members having openly espoused anti-Trump sentiments, or were affiliated with the Clinton family in some way or another.

Perhaps the most damning examples were FBI agent Peter Stzrok, and his lover, lawyer Lisa Page, both of whom were discovered to have exchanged anti-Trump, pro-Hillary themed text messages, including the mention of an “insurance policy” against a Trump victory.

As it turned out, the “Russian dossier,” a deliberately-manufactured list of outrageous  lies about President Trump, was the “insurance policy” the disgraced FBI agent and his paramour discussed, and since that discovery, much more has emerged, painting a disturbing picture.

Alan Dershowitz, in a recent interview with Fox News, said that he had called for an “independent, non-partisan commission,” comprised of “distinguished Americans who were above party politics” to investigate.

Clearly, Mueller failed to do that, instead forming a team of Clinton donor sycophants and “Deep State” operatives, and once the inherent bias of his witch-hunt squad was revealed, Americans were outraged.

Already, Mueller’s probe has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars, found no evidence of “Russian collusion,” and has made a mockery of the FBI, the DOJ, and the American government, and it’s time for this farce of an investigation to come to an end.