Ahead of Trump/Kim Meeting, North Korea Moves to Dismantle Nuke Site

Over the past year, President Trump has lead the United States in efforts to finally address the serious threat of North Korea’s nuclear program, and has achieved unprecedented success.

Where previous administrations failed to negotiate with the hermit kingdom and its reclusive leader, Kim Jong-Un, Trump took a vastly different approach, and after a year of tension between the two countries, his efforts are paying off.

Recently, North and South Korea announced an end to the decades-long cold war between the two countries, and began the slow process of working towards peace.

At President Trump’s request, and after a highly successful meeting between Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Kim Jong-Un, three detained Americans were released.

Now, as the summit between President Trump and Kim Jong-Un draws near, North Korea has also announced that it will dismantle its nuclear testing site in preparation for the visit.

As previous U.S. Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama all failed to address the situation in North Korea, Kim Jong-Un amassed a powerful arsenal of nuclear weapons, making him a dangerous threat to the United States.

Having accomplished what previous administrations were unable to do, President Trump now is proving his negotiating skills and strong leadership abilities on the international level by working towards denuclearization in the Korean Peninsula.