7-Year-Old Girl Who Wrote Letter to Trump Gets Amazing White House Invitation

Back in April, 7-year-old Mackenzie Kroger learned that her family would be taking a trip to Washington D.C. in October, and she immediately knew that visiting the White House would be her top goal.

Mackenzie also knew that in order to visit the White House, she’d need to write to its current resident, so she wrote a letter to President Trump.

In her letter, Mackenzie said that she knew the president was a “busy man,” and understood if he couldn’t meet her directly, but hoped that she’d at least get to see his office, and added that she’d bring snacks, as “food brings people together.”

Now, Mackenzie and the rest of the Kroger family (including Mackenzie’s teddy bear) have gotten their answer, and it came in the form of an invite to visit the White House, complete with a tour from Sarah Huckabee herself.

Huckabee read the young patriot’s letter, promising that President Trump would gladly meet her if he was in D.C. during her visit, and let her know that she wouldn’t need to bring food, instead inviting the Kroger family to eat lunch in the West Wing.

Images : Fox5Atlanta