2 GOP Lawmakers Demand a Special Counsel to Investigate Hillary

Things are starting to heat up for the Clintons, as more details emerge, surrounding their shady involvement with both the fraudulent Fusion GPS “Trump/Russia Dossier” and the Russian Uranium One scandal.

Now, after their blatant corruption and “above the law” dealings, the Clinton family is starting to sweat, and Republicans are calling for action.

GOP Congressional lawmakers Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz spoke to Sean Hannity of Fox News, in which they went after the Clintons and the DNC for their involvement in the dossier, demanding a special counsel be appointed to investigate.

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As Rep. Matt Gaetz pointed out, the Clintons have been given special treatment for years, and have been allowed to brazenly get away with crimes that would have landed anyone else in jail.

“This is what makes the American people sick,” said Gaetz, describing the perception given to the rest of the country that there’s “one set of rules for the Clintons, and another set of rules for everybody else.”

The fact that the left continues to attempt to openly impeach President Trump, while calling for obstruction and “resistance” against him, is, as Rep. Gaetz stated, “undermining our democracy.”