Katrina Pierson is the Spokesperson for America First Policies, the non-profit organization formed by former Trump campaign staff to remain active in legislative efforts outside the White House.


Katrina Pierson previously served as the National Campaign Spokeswoman for the 2016 Donald J. Trump for President Campaign. Pierson ran for a Texas congressional seat and was honored to receive Governor Sarah Palin’s first endorsement of the 2014 election cycle. She has served as a Steering Committee member for the Dallas Tea Party, the founder of the Garland Tea Party, a member of the Texas Tea Party Caucus Advisory Board, and is owner of Pierson Consulting Group. Ms. Pierson is a communications and public relations consultant who has represented multi-million dollar superPACs and non-profit organizations.



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FLASHBACK: Broward County Sheriff Rewarded His Supporters with Taxpayer Funded Jobs
Scott Israel, the controversial Broward County Sheriff who is under fire for botching the response to the Florida school shooting,
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Katrina Pierson Debates Former Clinton Advisor on Gun Control
Yesterday evening on Judge Jeanine, Katrina Pierson debated a former Clinton advisor Richard Goodstein on the topic of Gun Control.
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On Friday, President Trump made an appearance at the 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland. The
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On Saturday, the Democrats released their long-awaited “rebuttal memo,” which they promised in response to Rep. Devin Nunes and House
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Release of Dem Counter-Memo a “Total Political and Legal Bust”
Recently, House Republicans, lead by Rep. Devin Nunes, released a 4-page memo, which contained damning evidence of egregious abuse of
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Trump’s Approval Rating Surges to 50%, 5% Above Obama at this time of his Presidency
As reported by TheTelegraph  Most probable voters in the United States now approve of President Donald Trump’s job performance, according to a
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President Trump’s “America First” Message a Hit at 2018 CPAC (VIDEO)
On Friday, President Trump eagerly announced the beginning of CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, which he was clearly looking
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Australian Prime Minister Turnbull Credits Trump’s Tax Reform for Economic Revival
On Friday, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his wife visited the United States, where they met with President Trump
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